Powered by pressurised hydraulic fluid, hydraulic motors shift rotational kinetic energy to mechanical devices. Hydraulic motors are utilised in different sectors for various machinery, including crane drives, conveyors, shredders, military vehicles and even self-driven cranes, to name a few.

Hydraulic pumps, on the other hand, convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Hydraulic pumps are a key component in hydraulic systems, as they would not work without them. Hydraulic systems are essential components in various pieces of equipment and machinery, including theme park rides, elevators, trains, cranes, forklifts and excavators, to name a few.

Hydraulic motors and pumps work together, as the hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy into fluid energy in the form of oil flow. Once that flow reaches the motor, the motor can convert the energy into mechanical energy to perform the set task.

Your hydraulic motor or pump might need replacing if it is making unusual sounds if you are experiencing interior and exterior leaks or you notice failing seals. Consistent maintenance and inspections must be carried out to reduce the likelihood of complete systems failures.

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