Repairing, replacing and maintaining fuel dispensing and AdBlue equipment is essential, especially if you want to minimise cost and risk. Our dedicated team can respond to emergency call-outs, or you can plan your maintenance throughout the year to minimise the risk of breakdowns.

A fuel dispenser refers to a machine typically located at a filling station, which pumps diesel, gasoline, CNG, HCNG, ethanol fuel, and other types of fuel into vehicles. Fuel dispensing equipment is ideal for transferring, dispensing and/or pumping liquid fuel into portable containers, storage tanks, or engine systems, the latter of which is the most common practice.

On the other hand, AdBlue equipment is the trade name for a certain type of diesel exhaust fluid. This fluid is a combination of deionised water and urea, which is stored in a separate tank from the vehicle’s fuel.

The air, water, and fuel filters of your fuel dispensing equipment need to be replaced regularly, while general maintenance and inspection need to be done consistently. If you notice any issues early on, it will be easier to repair or replace.

Fuel dispensers can fail, meters can become inaccurate, and small leaks can start to appear on your pipework systems, which is why it is essential to carry out planned maintenance. We also respond in emergencies, as we understand the importance of minimising downtime and reducing costs caused by unwanted leaks.

If you have any further questions about our fuel dispensing AdBlue equipment, you can contact a member of the NK Hoses team today. We offer an on-site hose repair or replacement service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.