At NK Hoses, we focus on the maintenance, inspection and repair of hydraulic-powered systems across numerous sectors, including material handling. We help every business to keep their hydraulic systems running, and we offer quick repairs to ensure downtime is left to a minimum.

Material handling revolves around the protection, movement, control and storage of different materials. These materials are typically used throughout distribution, consumption, disposal, manufacturing and more.

Many businesses utilise different types of equipment and machinery to move these materials, such as construction cranes, transport belts, forklifts, sack trucks, pallet trucks, tray trolleys, scissor lift tables, and more. Hydraulics keeps these machines, plus more, moving in the material handling sector. In addition, hydraulics improve the power, control, safety and function of the machinery and equipment used to minimise downtime and improve efficiency.

Since hydraulic systems and components are extremely vital to the material handling industry, we understand that precision, care, and expertise are needed. This is why our team is available for on-site hydraulic hose repair and replacement when needed. We aim to get your machinery or equipment up and running as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

If you have any relevant questions about the services or products we have available for each sector, you can contact a member of the NK Hoses team today. In addition, we offer an on-site hose repair or replacement service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, as we understand the importance of getting up and running as quickly as possible.